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W. T. Boone Enterprises was originally established in 1984 by Bill and Paula Boone as a CNC programming consulting firm. In 1993, our corporation             transitioned from consulting to full time manufacturing as our primary service. What began as a manufacturing facility with a  single machine and one employee grew to a multiple-facility business with nearly $1 million in annual sales when we  made the decision to sell the business and retire in June of 2000. 

In the spring of 2003, Bill and Paula  returned from retirement to re-establish W.T. Boone Enterprises.  Our company is now located in the city of Franklin,       Indiana. Once again, our  company has grown from two machines and three   employees to eight CNC machines, two manual machines, eleven employees, and nearly three-quarters of a million in sales in four years.

As Bill was taught the trade from his father, he now is teaching their  youngest son, Jon, the trade  to  continue the   business to the third generation.  Bill and Paula believe their success as           manufacturing business owners is a blessing from God, a result of doing    everything in their power to meet the needs of their customers, and a sincere commitment to teaching a new            generation the joy and   necessity of  machine trades.

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W.T. Boone Enterprises, Inc

W.T. Boone Enterprises, Inc.

159 Cincinnati Street

Franklin, Indiana 46131


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W.T. Boone Enterprises, Inc.

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Bill and Paula Boone